Go TEAM Go!!

Because I grew up in Baltimore (aka Balmer, aka Smalltimore, aka Charm City), my first official product launch will honor Baltimore and Maryland. As a versatile accessory, this line of Charmlettes celebrates our common love of our Hometown, inspired by Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, and Maryland Terps. Pick your favorite to cheer for and always #beready

Baltimore Ravens

Represent Birdland with styles ranging from casual to cocktail.

Maryland Terps

These bangles are for all cheerleaders, players, and fans of University of Maryland teams.

Baltimore Orioles

Show the home team some love, even in the off season

Custom Gift Sets

Hometown Girl

one 6-inch bracelet/hairtie from each team

Matching Mama

one 13-inch choker/headband and one 6-inch bracelet from the same team

Rah Rah Rah

two 13-inch chokers/headbands of your choice

Artisanal Gift Box with Pillow

All gift sets are displayed on a coordinating plush pillow (made by me). The boxes are made using Martha Stewart cardstock and folded (by me) using origami techniques. Boxes can be Purple or Pearl.

And, of course, you don’t HAVE to get a gift set. I also have small purple gift bags (same shade) with gold foil tissue paper for individual wrapping.